I’ve Been Seriously Injured In An Auto Accident, And Believe I Have A Case Against The At-Fault Party. What Are The First Steps I Need To Take To Give My Personal Injury Case The Best Possible Outcome?

seriously injured

What I encourage my clients to share with me is precisely what’s going on with them medically. I am, at the early stages of the case, monitoring what has happened medically. For instance, because of these issues with medical bills, I want to know if anybody is bothering you about medical bills. Are the medical bills going to the correct insurer to be paid? If a medical provider does not want to wait until the case is settled to get paid, then that bill’s going to have to be paid by someone other than the other driver’s insurance. That does not, in any way, penalize the victim, but it is something that has to be done, because we can’t expect these medical providers to wait. I will review the status of your medical treatment, including bills, the kind of treatment you have received, and more.

It is essential that your attorney knows all of the treatment you are receiving. For instance, if a client is seeing their primary care physician, and they are referred out to perform X-rays or MRIs, your attorney needs to know. By being involved in your medical treatment, we can prevent any problems with the billing, and we can assist you to ensure you are receiving all the care you need.

By avoiding any billing issues, we can ensure that you have continuous and proper care. If there is a gap in your treatment, it will be detrimental to your case. By keeping your attorney informed, we can work with your providers to ensure there are no reasons for gaps in treatment.

Another very important thing is evidence. It is very important to obtain as much evidence as possible. Share all your photos, videos, and any other documents relating to the accident with your attorney. For example, if you are injured on someone’s property, but don’t share information about a hazardous condition with us until 8 months later, it is very unlikely that we will have the opportunity to go to the scene of the accident to obtain pictures of the hazardous condition, as the owner will have likely removed it by then. If you inform us right away, our chances of obtaining proof of liability are much higher.

If you have an accident, try to obtain as much evidence as possible. Take photos, videos, and get the contact information of any witnesses that are willing to give a statement.

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